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Toyota Wear Pass: Extra Protection During Your Lease

If you’re thinking of leasing a vehicle from High River Toyota, you might be worried about any end-of-lease fees that you might incur. After all, living in Alberta means that your vehicle can take a beating. Luckily, you don’t have to worry about that if you get the Toyota Wear Pass.

What is Toyota Wear Pass?

Enrolling in Toyota Wear Pass will protect you from most additional charges at lease end should your Toyota be damaged beyond what is normal everyday use. This program will give you complete peace of mind for only $14-18 a month,* offering up to $4,000** in coverage.

How does it benefit you?

With the Wear Pass, you can feel confident that you won’t receive unexpected fees when you return your leased Toyota. This plan offers a range of benefits to you, covering many common damage types. For instance, this pass will waive any excess mileage fees at your lease end for up to 1,000 kms over what your lease agreement originally stated.
That way, you don’t have to worry about paying extra fees out of pocket that you can’t afford at the end of the lease term. This pass will allow you to take on the rough winters Alberta throws your way – and will let you enjoy any adventures you might have throughout your lease term.

What does it cover?

The fees for the following damages will also be waived, depending on certain guidelines:

  • Exterior damage: Scratches, dings, gouges, or dents on exterior panels and bumpers of the vehicle
  • Glass damage: A star, bullseye, chip, scratch, or crack on the windshield, rear window, or side panels
  • Interior upholstery and trim damage: Cuts, tears, stains, rips, or burn holes in the upholstery and cabin trim of your leased Toyota
  • Tire and rim damage: Missing or broken wheel covers; damaged alloy rims; worn, bald, or damaged tires

With this coverage, you can reduce your worry about leasing a vehicle from High River Toyota. Whether you want to protect your leased vehicle from the rough Canadian winters or driving on gravel roads, you should consider the Toyota Wear Pass.
*Based on a typical lease term length
**See the Excess Wear and Tear Partial Waiver addendum to the Lease Agreement for information and full limitations and exclusions. Review our Excess Wear and Tear Guidelines and Charges found on the Toyota Financial Services section of Wear Pass is a trademark of Toyota Credit Canada Inc.

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