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Car Tires 101: An Essential Guide to Your Toyota’s Tires

The round, rubber tires are what stand between the bottom of your car and the road. They help you stay in control of your Toyota vehicle and can help increase your vehicle’s fuel efficiency in inflated properly. Because of the importance of dependable tires, you need to make sure you properly care for them. We at High River Toyota have made this guide to help you learn more about tires.

What are the types of tires?

Did you know there are multiple types of tires you can buy at High River Toyota? Depending on the season in High River, you can choose the tires that suit the weather and roads.
All-season tires
These specific tires were created with a variety of road and weather conditions in mind. Because of this, they’re ideal for – you guessed it – all seasons. Keep in mind, though, that while they can take on some snowy weather, they won’t offer you the extreme winter capabilities you might need.
Winter tires
Winter tires use a special compound and tread pattern to make them ideal for very icy and snowy roads in frigid temperatures. They were created with cold weather in mind and weren’t made for year-round use. High River sees a lot of snowfall during the winter, which makes winter tires great tires for driving in Alberta.
Summer tires
If the pavement is warm and dry – and temperatures are high – then summer tires are a good option for your vehicle. These tires provide exceptional grip in ideal weather conditions, making them a good option for the hotter months. They’re made to withstand extreme heat during that time of the year.

What do the numbers on the tire sidewall mean?

If you don’t know how to properly read the label on the sidewall of a tire, it can be difficult to find the best product for your car. On the side of every tire, there is a sequence of numbers and letters that let you know the tire type, width, diameter, and more.
The beginning of the sequence will have letters that indicates your tire type, following by a three-digit number. This number is the tire width. This is followed by the aspect ratio (sidewall height divided by tire width), a letter that indicates construction, and the diameter of the wheel. This information is important to know when you’re looking for new tires, so you can find the right fit.

How should I maintain my Toyota’s tires?

Keeping your car’s, truck’s, or SUV’s tires in top shape is part of responsible car ownership. Doing so involves getting them regularly rotated and checking the tread depth and tire pressure routinely.
Tire rotation
Your car’s tires will wear at different rates while you drive, and the wear pattern will depend on the drive system your vehicle has. Unevenly worn tires are an issue, affecting the control you have over your car and the lifespan of the tires. Tire rotation prevents your tires from becoming uneven. Check your owner’s manual to determine how frequently you need to get your tires rotated. Usually, we recommend doing so during every oil change.
Tire tread depth
Tires that are balding increase the likelihood of skidding on the road, which can cause a loss of vehicle control. To check tire tread, use a nickel. Simply insert it into the tread with the Queen’s crown facing down. If you can see the top of her crown, then your tires need to be replaced.
Tire pressure
Inaccurate tire pressure can reduce fuel efficiency, cause irregular wear, and can lead to dangerous blowouts. Make sure you regularly check the air pressure to avoid this. Simply use a tire gauge to ensure your tires’ pressure readings match those outlined in your owner’s manual. If your tires are outside of this range, fill them up or deflate them accordingly. Many Toyotas also have a tire pressure monitoring system that lets you know when air pressure is low.
If you need a new set of tires, we’re here to help. Schedule a service appointment with High River Toyota, and we’ll help you find the best tires for your vehicle so you can safely drive around Alberta without any problems.

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