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Routine Car Maintenance Keeps You Safe | Calgary, AB

For some car owners, it can be difficult to remember to complete routine maintenance on their vehicle. This regular care has to be done, though, and not just because it keeps your car running smoothly: It can also help you stay safe. Let’s go over some routine car maintenance that you can complete to stay safer on the road.


In the dark, your lights are the key to being able to see while driving. That’s why they should be in the best condition possible at all times. Make sure that all your lights work and that the lenses are cleaned. If they appear foggy, wash them. Regularly check lights, including headlights, taillights, and indicator lights.


Like your car’s lights, your windshield’s condition can go a long way towards ensuring you have the best visibility possible. It’s important that your windshield stays clean, so change your windshield wipers regularly. If the wipers are leaving behind streaks, making squeaking noises, or look as if they have nicks or cracks in their rubber, then you should get them replaced. Also, make sure you wipe down the interior of your windshield wiper to ensure you can see clearly out of it.


Tires help you stay in control when you’re out on the road, ensuring you have good traction in precarious conditions. If the tires are bald or improperly inflated, this can decrease your ability to control your vehicle, making you unsafe. Check tread depth at least twice a year, while also checking your tire pressure regularly.


Your engine needs to be properly lubricated to function correctly. That’s why vehicles have to get their oil changed often. Oil works to smooth out metal-to-metal contact, reducing the friction and carrying away excess heat. If the engine oil isn’t changed enough, its effectiveness will decrease, and your engine might overheat. This means you could potentially end up stranded, which is why you should follow your owner’s manual’s guide to routine oil changes.
If your car needs routine maintenance, bring it to the service experts at High River Toyota.

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